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Welcome to Our Salford Branch

Welcome to the Kane Funeral Services Salford Branch, where compassionate and professional funeral services await you. Our Salford branch is dedicated to providing exceptional funeral planning and support to families in the local community and beyond. Whether you are seeking assistance with burial or cremation arrangements, eco-friendly funerals, or personalized orders of service, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way. At Kane Funeral Services Salford Branch, we understand the importance of honouring your loved one's life and creating a meaningful farewell. Trust us to handle the logistical details with care and sensitivity, while providing the personalised attention you deserve. Contact us today to discuss your funeral needs and let us assist you during this challenging time.

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331 Bolton Road, Salford, M6 7GU.


Phone: 0161 536 2664


Branch Opening Times
Monday 09.30 to 16.30
Tuesday 09.30 to 16.30
Wednesday 09.30 to 16.30
Thursday 09.30 to 16.30
Friday 09.30 to 16.30
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Kane Funeral Services - Salford

Our Facilities

Chapel of Rest
Arrangement Room
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Kane Funeral Services - Salford

Our Prices

£ 2498
  • Cremation
  • Service
  • Hearse
  • Disbursements

Experience excellence with our Platinum Package - an exclusive offering tailored to honour your loved one in an exceptional manner. With premium services and meticulous attention to detail, it reflects their unique essence. For more information, please contact our branch. Our compassionate team is here to guide and support you during this challenging time.

Direct Plus
£ 1400
Direct Plus
  • Cremation
  • Service

Introducing our Direct Plus Package - an enhanced and affordable funeral arrangement with all essential services, and additional elements for a personalised experience. Customise the service to reflect your loved one's individuality. For more information, contact our branch. Our dedicated team offers guidance and support to honour their memory with care and sensitivity.


Kane Funeral Services

Why choose Salford

Kane Funeral Services offers expert funeral planning with dedicated Funeral Directors who understand the emotional and logistical challenges families face. They provide personalized attention, honoring your loved one's wishes and traditions. With deep expertise in funeral customs and rituals, they offer valuable advice on burial or cremation, casket or urn selection, transportation, and religious or cultural ceremonies. Kane Funeral Services has strong local vendor relationships for quality products like floral tributes and can assist with legal and administrative requirements. Their Funeral Directors offer ongoing support, including grief counseling and connections to support networks. With compassion and professionalism, Kane Funeral Services helps create a meaningful tribute that brings comfort to those mourning their loved one.

Kane Funeral Services offers diverse funeral options, including burial, cremation, eco-friendly funerals, and 24-hour service. They provide respectful traditional burials, handling all aspects from plot selection to transportation. Cremation services are conducted with care, offering urn options and assistance with ash handling. Kane Funeral Services is committed to eco-friendly practices, guiding families on sustainable choices. They provide 24-hour support for emergencies and offer a serene Private Chapel of Rest for personal reflections. Accommodating diverse beliefs, their Funeral Directors arrange religious or non-religious ceremonies. Various coffin choices are available, from traditional to eco-friendly and bespoke designs. For elegance, horse-drawn carriage services pay homage during the procession. Floral tributes can be arranged, reflecting individuality and significance. Monumental Masons create personalized memorials. Kane Funeral Services provides compassionate support, allowing families to create meaningful tributes.

Kane Funeral Services collaborates with a preferred partner to create personalized and remarkable orders of service. Skilled designers and printers specialize in crafting beautiful documents that guide attendees through the funeral ceremony, including important information, readings, and personalized tributes. Funeral Directors work closely with families to capture the essence of their loved one's life, incorporating stories, memories, and specific requests. The preferred partner's design team develops layouts that reflect desired aesthetics and incorporate meaningful elements. Kane Funeral Services ensures effective communication and timely delivery, reviewing drafts and making necessary revisions. This collaboration guarantees visually stunning and high-quality documents that serve as cherished keepsakes, honoring the life of the loved one being remembered.

Supporting Grieving Hearts

Once Upon a Smile, a dedicated charity for bereaved families, creates a safe space for children to share their emotions. Kane Funeral Services Salford partners with them to offer vital support, fostering emotional healing in our community.

United in Compassion,

Our commitment extends beyond funerals. For every Salford resident we serve, we donate to Once Upon a Smile, uniting our community in compassion and care.

Transforming Lives, Building Legacies

Through this partnership, we preserve memories and impact lives. Together, we bridge grief with healing, celebrating the essence of life and love.

Kane Funeral Services Salford is here to stand by you, providing unwavering support. With Once Upon a Smile, we shape a future where memories thrive and lives are forever changed.