Kane Funeral Services

Experience the Difference

Our selection of beautiful, hand crafted bespoke floral arrangements can express your feelings and sentiments better than words.  We have several packages to choose from, simply contact your nearest branch to arrange.

Package 1
£ 175
  • Any Single Ended
  • Any Three Letters
Package 2
£ 225
  • Any Standard Size Full Topper
  • Any Three Letters
Package 3
£ 75
  • Any Single Ended
Package 4
£ 150
  • Any Full Topper
Package 5
£ 70
  • Any Sheave
Package 6
£ 225
  • Any Open Ring
  • Any Three Letters
Package 7
£ 200
  • Any Crosses
  • Any Three Letters

Kane Funeral Services

Flowers Make the Difference


Any specialities and intricate designs start from £250.

All artificial works (the whole word) £50.

All artificial toppers £50.

Discover the exquisite charm of our handcrafted, bespoke floral arrangements designed to eloquently convey your deepest feelings and sentiments when words fall short. With an array of thoughtfully curated packages to choose from, simply reach out to your nearest branch and let us create a perfect arrangement that truly speaks from the heart.

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